Bad example

Discussions about negotiating relationships between faithful LDS believers and the apostates who love them. This applies in particular to mixed-faith marriages, but relations with children, parents, siblings, friends, and ward members is very welcome.
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Bad example

Post by Thoughtful » Fri Jun 26, 2020 5:30 pm

A TBM relative mentioned that her kiddo is having a hard time with covid isolation and maybe she should send her to my house for a few weeks.

And I had a moment of panic and what she would think of my same aged kiddo, who is bisexual, works on Sundays, swears with her friends, listens to rap, wears crop tops and short shorts, and flips her friends off as a joke.

Meanwhile amongst regular folk, my kid is pretty bubblegum, blends in, and is known as "a really good kid."

It was a bit of a dissociative moment, realizing what I would have thought of my own teenager through that lens, and now I see her as a pretty regular, good kid.

Who can relate?

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Re: Bad example

Post by jfro18 » Sat Jun 27, 2020 10:15 pm

I think of this a lot just from hearing conversations of my in-laws over the last ~20 years of Mormon families vs non-Mormon families.

Since I started the deep dive, I know I am a topic of conversation and I can only imagine the thoughts they have of where I'm at.

And DW gets really upset if my kid watches a YouTube video where they say "Oh my God" and makes him turn it off, and in my head that's one of the most bland things you're going to hear online let alone in real life.

It's just weird and I get where you're coming from. Now if only we could get others to see it that way.

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