Do I tell DH I've tried alcohol?

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Re: Do I tell DH I've tried alcohol?

Post by azflyer » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:10 am

I had MASSIVE WoW hangups for quite a long time. My wife had started distancing herself from the church first, and it totally destroyed me emotionally. Then, after that, I found her secret stash of alcohol. It just further added to my misery and emotional instability. I started sending her articles and statistics about how concealing alcohol use was a sign of alcoholism, which caused her to lash out at me more. It was a very long painful process.

Finally after some time, I decided that she was more important to me than the church. Oddly enough, it was going to the temple, and seeing Adam make the decision to stick with Eve that really did it for me. My first gesture of goodwill was to go buy some Henry's Hard Soda and share it with her one Sunday evening. That was the first step for me in a very long slow process of distancing myself from the church.

I guess what I'm getting at more than anything is that the deception on my wife's part is what hurt the most. I see that I am late in posting here, and that you have talked to your husband about it. Open, honest, tender and vulnerable communication is the key to making this work. Best of luck to you.

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