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This American Life episode - Sexual Questions in Bishops' Youth Interviews

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:27 am
by Not Buying It
Read or listen to this right now, it's a year old, maybe some of you have already seen it. Wow it brought back a flood of feelings and memories. There are a ton of things that need to change in the Church, but the sexual questions in Bishops' Youth interviews is one of the biggest.

And can I just say how disgusting I find Church spokesperson Erik Hawkin's response?
Eric Hawkins

I think what you have found is a selection of individuals who have perhaps had that experience, or that feeling, whereas tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of others have felt very differently about the process, and about-- so as I say, from my perspective, it is always heartbreaking when I hear that someone leaves that conversation not having had that experience.
Elna Baker

Are these questions supposed to be that explicit?
Eric Hawkins

I think that would depend a little bit on the situation. One of the pieces of counsel that bishops are given is to not be too invasive, to adapt the conversation to the understanding and maturity of the young person who is there. And I think it's not necessary for a bishop to be overly explicit or probing in those questions. He wants to understand how that individual feels about what they have done, so that he can help apply the right amount of repentance, if you will.
Don't try and minimize people's negative experiences with this unholy practice, you jerk, and you damn well know "too invasive" questions have been and are being asked. I find his responses dismissive, arrogant, and downright insensitive. "Right amount of repentance". UnChrist-like jerk.

Re: This American Life episode - Sexual Questions in Bishops' Youth Interviews

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:14 pm
by RubinHighlander
Yes, a most excellent program! It made me realize many of the messed up aspects of my relationships and sex because of how much guilt I had with all of that crap over the years, from a kid all the way through later adult life. Also, be sure to listen to the follow up program on Radio West on this topic: ... lay-clergy