LDS Church proposes new community near future Tooele Valley Temple

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Re: LDS Church proposes new community near future Tooele Valley Temple

Post by Random » Wed May 20, 2020 2:23 pm

Wow! So, in effect, a multi-billion dollar corporation comes in and forces out smaller businesses and the people who live there. Sort of like the emperor in The Emperor's New Groove before he realized that other people were actually people.
Thoughtful wrote:
Sun May 10, 2020 7:25 pm
I used to live in Tooele.

The Erda location was controversial for a few reasons.
1- land was donated on the East Bench of Tooele proper, and the church chose Erda, buying land to do it.

2-The temple site includes an old mom and pop restaurant, that's being forced out-- they would have closed anyway in the near future, but this accelerated their business collapse.

3- the area is currently farms and fancy ranchettes. The temple park area includes medium and high density housing. Farmers have concerns about their well water and utility assessments that were paid just to benefit new developments and then ultimately dry up the farms.

4-city folk in trendy Park neighborhoods don't like animal sights, sex, and smells. Farmers and ranchers see the writing on the wall that new high density neighbors will complain and influence politics against them.

5-Old Tooele, including much of Erda and Grantsville farms hate city folk upstarts, their politics, the ensuing taxes etc. So Old Tooele (who also wanted the temple on the bench) doesn't really want to develop the "bedroom community of SLC" farther out of Stansbury and into Erda.

The ONLY Tooele people I know who are excited about this are in real estate sales.
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