Swinger’s here we come!

This is for encouragement, ideas, and support for people going through a faith transition no matter where you hope to end up. This is also the place to laugh, cry, and love together.
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Re: Swinger’s here we come!

Post by Not Buying It » Wed Aug 26, 2020 10:00 am

misterfake371 wrote:
Mon Aug 24, 2020 5:31 pm
I like DEZNAT's attitude. They're like, "it's all true. JS was a prophet, BOA is a literal translation. Deal with it." That used to be my attitude. I could never handle some squishy progressive Mormonism theology. When I was a believer, I loved "Mormon Doctrine" by Bruce R. McConkie. I believed that book when it said "the earth is 6,000 years old no matter what anyone says. It has been revealed to God's authorized mouthpiece. End of story."
Well, yeah, they believe it 100% - but there is an aura of intimidation and an ugly embrace of intolerance with DezNat. They aren't just fanatics - they are bullies. They aren't content to think they are right - they are going to try and push their "rightness" on everyone. They are wannabe Danites who would love an excuse to push some of the less faithful around. They wanna think they are all Orrin Porter Rockwell without the drunkenness. They are today's version of the guys who guarded the passes out of the valley for Brigham Young. Some of them would have "done their duty" at Mountain Meadows, and would have been looking forward to it.

They should be making all of us uncomfortable, if not outright scared.
"The truth is elegantly simple. The lie needs complex apologia. 4 simple words: Joe made it up. It answers everything with the perfect simplicity of Occam's Razor. Every convoluted excuse withers." - Some guy on Reddit called disposazelph

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