Skeptiod & Mormonism

This is for encouragement, ideas, and support for people going through a faith transition no matter where you hope to end up. This is also the place to laugh, cry, and love together.
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Skeptiod & Mormonism

Post by Hagoth » Sat Oct 09, 2021 9:54 am

I posted information in the Coffee Shop about an upcoming live presentation in SLC by Brian Dunning of the Skeptoid podcast. If you're not familiar with it, Skeptoid delivers very concise and informative - and entertaining - 15-minute episodes that investigate all aspects of pseudoscience, the paranormal, medical quackery, etc.

I'm posting this in the Support forum because yesterday Brian revealed to me that he is a post-Mormon (he said "formon") who attended BYU for a year. So I did a quick search and found that he has addressed Mormon topics on Skeptiod. Here are a couple of episodes and transcripts I found: ... ium=social

I look forward to getting more of his story. I hope to see some of you at his film screening on Oct. 23rd.
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Re: Skeptiod & Mormonism

Post by DPRoberts » Mon Oct 11, 2021 12:34 pm

Your two links for me only opened a short recording saying I needed to pay to hear the episode. Here is another Mormon-themed episode on Spotify. ... 37cdeb4213
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