Moral Superiority

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Moral Superiority

Post by Linked » Tue Oct 25, 2022 3:11 pm

It seems that some mormon believers claim moral superiority while trampling on morality.

Like Kwaku, acting like he's on the side of good and right as he mocks people trying to have a good faith discussion. It comes straight from the leaders like from Jeffrey Holland's talk of the grief he feels for gay people because he knows that accepting your gayness is terrible; which then causes gay mormons severe distress. Like the church's defense of the abuse hotline to Kirton and McKonkie while they protect abusers and further victimize the abused.

The moral superiority is born of "knowing" that they have the Truth. They do not grapple with the moral implications of their positions and actions because they are dogmatically right. Seeing the problems caused by the Truth does not help the cause of Truth, so it is better to deny.

It's bad.

PS. This is not uniquely mormon, or uniquely religious, but it appears there and this site has "mormon" in the URL...
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