NOMference stats Spring 2023

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NOMference stats Spring 2023

Post by MoPag » Thu Apr 06, 2023 12:23 pm

Moksha started a great thread with some awesome reviews.

I also enjoyed this one.

Here are the MONference stats:

Nelson (Sun Morning) +125
Bragg +105
Oaks +85
Uceda +77
Stanfill +55
Bassett +20
Rasband +15
Uchtdorf +15
Ballard +10
Soares +10
Eyring +5
Yamashita +5
Meurs +2
Camargo 0
Nattress 0
Christensen -5
Carl Cook -10
Gong -10
Bennett -10
Susan Bednar’s husband -10
Nelson (Sunday Afternoon) -13
De Hoyos -13
Cordon -40
Stevenson -50
Schmutz -55
Duncan -60
Renlund -70
Cook (Captain Crook) -70
Johnson -98
Christofferson -110
Andersen -135
Haynie -205
Corbitt -1,010

Oaks and Nelson in the top three? I think hell has frozen over. To be fair, nothing in Oak's talk came from his diabolical brain. Soooo :?

Corbitt's toxic anti-activism rant earned him the bottom spot. :roll:

Overall, it was more boring than toxic.
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Re: NOMference stats Spring 2023

Post by Red Ryder » Thu Apr 06, 2023 7:10 pm


Nelson, Oaks, and Rasbandy all scored higher than Uchtdorf? That’s incredible.

I think the focus on Easter and the bland boring was planned to limit the constant critique. The church has been through the ringer with the SEC stuff and needed to not piss of the base.

I wonder if they do a post GC breakdown and track views and engagement across the platforms that showed it.

Now that data would be interesting to see
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Re: NOMference stats Spring 2023

Post by lostinmiddlemormonism » Sat Apr 08, 2023 7:30 am

I can tell you that the YouTube stream. Maxed at approximately 270,000 viewers at any one time across all sessions.

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Re: NOMference stats Spring 2023

Post by 2bizE » Sun Apr 09, 2023 11:19 am

We were so blessed to hear from two women speakers during the 5 conference sessions.

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