People needing help

This is for encouragement, ideas, and support for people going through a faith transition no matter where you hope to end up. This is also the place to laugh, cry, and love together.
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People needing help

Post by Angel » Mon May 15, 2023 5:47 am

Recently I've had a few people, families, reaching out for help. I don't post on here, or anywhere about these situations out of respect for them, and will not use names or any specifics- I'm wondering how many others are in these kinds of situations? Mormons who themselves and/or their kids are suicidal (in hospitals, mia - missing persons stuff), anxiety disorders, serious mental health issues - having to connect them with legitimate (non church) resources.

I am not a mental health professional. I am a teacher at a low-income/ immigrants kind of area. I do deal with all variety of situations where I work - it's a place for second chances, getting a degree, getting a path in life - a place for those not able to get into traditional schools. Love my job, just had graduation and people do turn their lives around here, people see where I work so I guess think I can help, but I am not a mental health professional.

Small steps.
She finally changed her name from his. It took a child in the hospital, suicide as the only escape, for this mom to change her name, their name, but now she has her old name back... her maiden name is attached to mess too. Women, we're not allowed our own name. All I could do for this kid - long look into their eyes. Are you ok? I gave them a shoulder hug. They jerk away from physical contact now, but they let me give them a shoulder hug.

An art activity with Mormon parent and their kids, ...One of the kids - escaping abuse- just had surgery to change their gender. Mormons do not accept LGBTQ so we sat and painted. The walls go up, can't get more than one sentence in - tight lipped silence- but I got that one sentence in to this parent and their sibling.

Another family.. A rained-on book on my doorstep. I was gone this weekend, when I returned a book. My name is in the published acknowledgments, with personal note in it. Not as severe as other cases, but I'm not sure I want my name in that book as the author has not escaped yet, their mind is still trapped. Their family, their kids still broken. I helped them edit their book, a good therapy, writing. They accepted some of suggestions- removal of sexist language, more inclusive - this is not about a book, it's about their mindset - can you put your name on this new mindset. The suggestion they didn't accept was to remove their name from the cover, be anonymous, to save the name of their children. They don't understand. It's not just their story, it's their kids story. It's misrepresenting and dragging their kids into it.

Life is cruel. This brain fog, religious insanity - God. One just texted me a scripture as I am writing this. The text came from someone who has also lost their kids- lost them because of religion.

Yesterday was mother's day. They see I still have my kids, and they are texting me, but they still don't understand. They don't understand how to get their family back. They don't understand how to let go of their poisoned beliefs.

Sorry. Mothers day. As painful as it gets for so many hurting hearts out there. I have to let go, not carry it. I can't fix it. The escape from that abusive sexist warped cult- have to be strong enough to walk out alone. Be your own authority. Walk out alone or it is just trading one cult for another.
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