Searching for God, inventing papyrus...the font

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Searching for God, inventing papyrus...the font

Post by RubinHighlander » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:51 pm

Happy Friday NOMdom! Don't forget that Friday is the day before Saturday which is the day we get ready for Sunday. I hope you all have an awesome weekend and if you are required to be in a three hour block of mind numbing meetings, I wish you the ability to endure well to the end.

In the meantime, here's something to lighten your burden:
Not sure how many of you NOMs saw this particular SNL skit with host Ryan Gosling, as he agonizes over why the Papyrus font was used as the Avatar movie logo:

Papyrus has a reputation as being one of the most hated fonts in the standard PC and MAC library, at least by graphic designers and tech writers. The story of how it got there is pretty fun as well: ... ral-video/

The inventor was a young man who went looking for God, was inspired to create the font, then sold it off for several hundred $$. I think this is evidence as to how small events or creations can often find their way into the mainstream.

“Sir,' I said to the universe, 'I exist.' 'That,' said the universe, 'creates no sense of obligation in me whatsoever.”
--Douglas Adams

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