Joseph Smith Papers Nuggets

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Joseph Smith Papers Nuggets

Post by Emower » Tue Dec 26, 2017 4:23 pm

I am browsing through the Joseph Smith papers website. I know, I need to quit this crap, but it is just so darn interesting. I thought I would start a thread about interesting things I find. These arent going to deserve their own post, so I will put them here.

One thing that made me laugh goes into the category of Josephs abuse of power in Nauvoo. ... -markham/1

He got mad at Stephen Markham for badmouthing him in the street, so he swore out a warrant for him and hauled him into court. The poor man got fined what was probably a lot of money at the time, certainly after the church took a large chunk. Anyway, apparently they made up, Joseph cooled off and got the "court" to remit the fine. Stephen Markham sounded familar so I googled him. Heres what the LDS history museum has to say about him,
In Nauvoo, Illinois, seeing that Joseph would need good legal counsel in several lawsuits, Stephen sold his newly built house and gave Joseph the proceeds. His family moved into a tent until a cabin could be built.6 Shortly before Joseph went to Carthage, Stephen told him, “I will do as you want me, whatever it may be. I will go with you, or stop here and defend the city until I die, or go and give myself up, just whatever you say I will do.”7 Considering Stephen’s absolute commitment to the Prophet, it is not surprising that Joseph refers to him in his personal journal as “my beloved Brother Markham.”8
He was at Carthage and if you remember he left to do an errand and then got abused by the mob and run off. The loyalty really does amaze me. Had someone unduly influenced the justice system and successfully sued me for slander I dont think I would really ever feel charitable towards that someone again. Maybe thats why I am an apostate.

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