Gastrolith of the Restoration

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Gastrolith of the Restoration

Post by RubinHighlander » Fri Nov 02, 2018 3:47 pm ... rd-stones/

Just listened to Bill Reel's latest MDP. I'm a major rock nut so I really enjoyed this one. Not only that, but just last week DW and I were in the Hanksville badlands and we both found quite a few gastroliths of our own. We didn't know what they were at first. We were out gathering petrified wood and came across these unusual polished rocks that had a greasy feeling surface. We were not in a river bed so it just didn't make sense. These stones are from the gizzards of several types of plant eating dinosaurs around 200+ million years old. I'm still geeking out over all the cool rocks we found. Oyster shells from 100m, petrified wood from 225m, agate, wonder stone, selenite crystals and lots of other cool things.

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Thanks Bill for another bout of insight into true church history. When I first saw the seer stone when the COB came out of the closet with it I wasn't very impressed, but now I know more about it I am (very impressed with the rock, not with JS or his magical world scheming family).
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