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Christian Platonism and Mormon Origins - New P.hd Dissertation

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:25 pm
by Apologeticsislying
Got some new info for us to chew on, discuss, and grasp. The origins of Mormons and the ideas of the Fulness of the Gospel have now been changed, and in some way dramatically and fantastically interestingly! Here is the Dissertation. This is a huge tome, but so far, I have only gotten to chapter one, it is looking very intriguing! The apologetics has now been shifted, and the cause of the apostasy are now, once again, going to have to be looked at. But more than that, the point of a restoration and the fulness, what sources did Joseph Smith use to help establish that fullness, are not only revelation, nor even the lion's share, coming from revelation. It is coming from sources Joseph Smith AND his followers had, conversed about, and shared. This is going to be a fascinating thing we get to discuss folks! I LOVE detective work like this stuff! I think the stuff on the Book of Abraham and Book of Mormon is going to be really good!