David Fideler, Religious Classical Esoteric Scholar

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David Fideler, Religious Classical Esoteric Scholar

Post by Apologeticsislying » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:09 pm


I LOVE this guys book Jesus Christ: Sun of God.

Here is his website along with a survey of him starting an online journal. Please fill out the survey and lets help him get started on this magnificent project. Well worth the effort I suspect! His insights are over the top spectacular and spiritually enervating. I can't say enough good about his quality information and fascinating insights from antiquity from all the major ancient authors philosophers religious people.
The same energy that emerges from the fountain of eternity into time, is the Holy Grail at the center of the universe of the inexhaustible vitality in each of our hearts. The Holy Grail, like the Kingdom of God, is within. -Joseph Campbell-

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