A Divine Parable Part 2

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A Divine Parable Part 2

Post by deacon blues » Sat Jun 13, 2020 6:19 pm

Cal: Hey friends, it’s almost the weekend. (wink)
El: (whew) I’ll be glad when this week is over. My fifth day has been murder, literally. I not only had my Messiah die, I had thousands of my chosen children- Israel- die as well. Then Roman Empire leveled my Jerusalem temple- the only one in the Old World dedicated to Me.
Cal: That sounds rough El. But your Messiah was resurrected and completed the Atonement and everything, right?
El: Yeah, He came through like a King. Fulfilled the Law and everything. I paid a visit when he was baptized. It was really touching. Do you remember when your Messiah was baptized, Al?
AL: Like it was yesterday, or last Sunday. Some things just stand out in your mind. When my Messiah wrote about it in his journal it later became one of the world’s favorite scriptures. My children love reading about it. The explanation of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is so clear.
Cal: How old was he in earth years?
Al: I had him baptized when he was eight, right at the time of accountability. Of course, he was much smarter than the average spirit child. At eight He was already keeping a diary that later became scripture. It sure helped avoid the confusion about when children should be baptized.
Cal: Did your children skip the Apostacy?
Al: Pretty much. We have a few pockets of apostacy, but then my prophets send out some missionaries, or some young person prays and receives a personal vision. My children and Messiah keep apostacy nipped in the bud.
El: You seem mighty proud of yourself Al. With your world staying all nice and tidy, and your Church so strong, and your universal education and media.
Al: Well, I really can’t take the credit. It is my Messiah’s Church- “The Church of the Messiah and His Saints.” And He is the one who manages it. My children pray to me in His name. He handles the details and gives me the glory.
El: I don’t have a problem with that. But your world doesn’t seem very sinful. The sins your Messiah suffered for were probably half as many and as painful as my Messiah’s. Think of how many more sins my Messiah had to suffer for. He was sweating blood for a while. And I suffered right along with him. Then I had to leave him alone to suffer, and (pause) I don’t think you understand. (El’s eyes tear up.)
Al: I’m sorry El, I really am. I haven’t been through it like you have. It’s the hardest challenge to being a Heavenly Father. (pause) So, Cal do you think you want to go through this Heavenly Father business?
Cal: I can see it’s not a bed of roses. What good things happened in your world, El?
El: Well, we had a beautiful Zion society in my New World. My Messiah visited it after all the wicked were killed and for a couple of hundred years things were heavenly. No wars or contentions, no racial prejudice or murder or sexual assault. There weren’t even any poor. They had all things in common.
Cal: That must have really made you feel good. How long did it last?
El: A couple of hours, I mean centuries. It was Satan and his demons messing things up again. In 201 A.D. the people got a little proud, and then they divided up into different churches. After a while they would take some of the twelve special disciples and cast them into fiery furnaces, and dens of wild animals. Well, my Messiah protected them from any harm, but do you think that helped? No. The wicked, tempted by the demons, kept sinning. They would smite the disciples and all the other believers, and then they split up into Lamanites and Nephites, and even Gadiaton robbers with their secret combinations again. (note: see 4th Nephi)
Cal: Well, that’s depressing. Were things any better in your Old World?
El: No. They had complete apostacy by 100 A.D. I let the wicked kill the apostles in that part of the world, and Church went to pot just like that. (snaps his fingers) Oh, except I let one of my apostles in the Old World and three of my apostles in the New World get translated. They won’t taste death, and they can go around helping the poor and needy and teaching the Gospel as needed.
Cal: That sounds interesting. What is your apostacy like? Did your children go back to worshipping imaginary gods again?
El: Well many of them still worship Me, but they’re all mixed up about who I am. Some think that the Holy Ghost, my Messiah, and Me are all the same person. Others think we are three different manifestations of the same God. It’s called Modalism.
Cal: Kind of like water, ice, and fog?
El: I suppose so. But it’s crazy how they could get so mixed up. And then along came this prophet named Mohammed. He taught that my Messiah was just another prophet, and that there is only one God. He dictated a book called the Koran that millions of my children follow.
Al: El chose to have his prophets write his scriptures. And then scribes had to copy them because the printing press hasn’t been invented on his world yet. It does tend to cause mistakes.
Cal: But can’t you just send more prophets down and clear everything up in your world El? How long does this great apostacy go on?
El: Well in some lands it’s been going on since the tower when I confused everybody’s language. Some civilizations never had any REAL prophets. There were some guys who thought they were smart and pretended to be prophets, and some guys thought they were prophets but they weren’t. My prophets didn’t have mass media. I’m not sure that they all even learned to write. Communication is still pretty slow in my world.
Cal: But you can visit them any time you want to, right? And you used to send a lot of visions to prophets before your Messiah was born? And your Messiah can visit them, too. And your four translated apostles could really get around to a lot of people. Why not send prophets now. What’s the worst that could happen?
El: I understand what you’re saying, but I’m sticking to the program- that which has been done in other worlds. Either before or after they die everybody, and I mean everybody will get to hear the gospel. They will all get the same chance before I wrap up the 7,000 year plan. That’s what I’m going to use my Seventh Millennium, my Sabbath for. The Lion will lay down with the lamb. My Children will be living to the age of a tree. (Isa. 65:20, 22) Hundreds of temples, millions of temple workers, and get this- no demons- they’ll all be bound!
Cal: Sounds like Al is doing that already.
El: Hmmm……I guess you’re right.

Al: Yeah. Depends on how old the trees you’re talking about are. Some of my especially righteous people are living around eight or nine hundred years if I don’t translate them first. The scriptures my Messiah wrote explains the rules and policies for long life and for translation, so those who don’t get translated when they’re young stay motivated to live righteously. With people living longer, we have more reproduction. We might even have openings for more spirits to come and be born our earth in the last thousand years or so, I think The Millennium is what it is usually called. I wouldn’t be surprised if we could take an extra three to five billion who had originally been slated for other worlds. Hey El, do you need any help getting your 13,333,333,333 spirits who kept their first estate into mortal bodies.
El: I have faith in the Plan. If We stick to it We will fill our assignment. But I’ll let you know. I still don’t think you’re playing by all the rules. Somewhere down the line your spirit children are going to pay for having such an easy mortality.
Al: But it isn’t as easy as many of those in Your world who die before accountability or live in the Millennium. And we see them here in the Celestial glory all the time. They have more time after death to learn about adversity, but they do catch up.
Cal: Hey El, are you planning on sending prophets and another dispensation to your world soon?
El: I’m playing it close to the vest. I’m not going to risk it until we have a real democratic republic set up in the New World. I foresee it will be called the United States of America. I plan on my last dispensation around 1830 years after my Messiah’s birth. Even then I anticipate my Church will experience some bad persecution. Of course, the more spirits that get born into the world, the fewer demons per spirit there will be. When our world population gets above 6,666,666,666 there won’t be a demon for every spirit. (see: C. S. Lewis, Screwtape Letters) (sighs) It probably won’t make much difference. The demons will just work harder. I can’t imagine going through mortality in a world without demons and opposition.
Cal: You know, I should find somebody who died right after childbirth and see how they cope with Eternal Life. Maybe they could come and visit with us. They might get more perspective or intelligence. They could learn a lot from you two.
Al: Sounds interesting. I wouldn’t be opposed to that.
El: Me either. Well, it’s almost time to oversee my 6th millennium spirits- my Friday’s Warriors- or is it my Saturday’s Warriors? It still seems weird to think of the sixth day as a weekday. Now I think of the Sabbath as the first day, instead of the seventh, but it doesn’t work that way in our world’s history does it? Mortality started on a Sunday, which was just a regular day, right? In the Millennium we go back to a seventh day Sabbath, right? Which is a day of rest, Saturday or a Sunday? Whew. No wonder some of our children get confused. See you tomorrow.

Cal: Hey, Gods, meet Del, apprentice God, straight from a one-day mortal life and a one thousand-year Celestial orientation, or was it one million-year orientation? Time and Eternity is still a confusing concept.
El: Nice to meet you lad. I’m Eloheim, but Gods can call me El. Wait- are you a God yet? Do you have an Eternal companion?
Del: I think so. The last couple of epochs have been a blur. Are you really sure I should be here Cal?
Al: It’s OK Del, we are all just like family here in the Eternal Worlds. Mi Casa es Su Casa. By the way, I’m Al.
Cal: Al, and El are two of the highest rated Gods in the multiverse. They are on the cutting edge of the Plan of Salvation. They are both close to wrapping up their 7,000-year plans. I think you will be interested in what they have to say. Give Del a rundown Al.
Al: Where do I start? What do you know about the Plan already Del?
Del: I’ve heard about that which has been done in other worlds. I watched earth from our spirit world- pretty closely, and I, uh, I lived for a day.
Al: So you didn’t have to get baptized or face temptation?
Del: We had a war in Heaven. That was tempting for some, but choosing a different Plan wasn’t very tempting to me personally. I’m not sure why I was chosen to only live for one day, but there are a lot of spirit kids like me. We were just blessed.
El: Well just be cautious of what Al tells you. He doesn’t always follow “That which has been done in other worlds.” He gets new-fangled ideas from somewhere in the multiverse and improvises. I like to follow the exact plan down to the last detail as much as I can. You know how important obedience is. Of course as long as we’ve had agency there have always been, uh, exceptions, anomalies, and policy adjustments have to be made.
Cal: El, tell Del what you are doing in your last days.
El: I restored the Gospel about 170 earth years ago. It’s my Last Dispensation. My children have spread out all over the earth and my chosen House of Israel are trying to cover my world with the Gospel. It’s been kind of slow because there are some places where mortal politics slows down the process. They don’t let missionaries in their countries. We’re trying to prepare everything for the return of my Messiah/Son.
Cal: El’s world went through a brutal Great Apostacy, absolutely brutal.
El: Yeah, we have had plagues, wars, even crusades- you know, when two different religions battle each other. It usually happens over Holy Lands or cities that they each claim. Somehow some of My spirit children got the idea they have exclusive rights to a holy land or place. Sometimes I even intervene. For example: There was a country called England that tried to rule another country called France. This was about 600 years ago- Earth time. They had been fighting for almost a Hundred years. I sent some angels to this young French maid- Joan. They instructed her to go the dauphin, that’s French for prince, and get him to let Joan lead an army to lift a siege of Orleans so he could be crowned King there. There are some more battles and then she got captured by the English, tried as a witch and burned at the stake. That was the end of her mortal cares. Later, the French drove the English out of France. A post-humous retrial was held, and Joan was exonerated, and then she was canonized by the apostate church, also known as the Mother of Harlots. (note: see Mormon Doctrine, 1st ed., p. 314-15) But that intervention was an exceptional case. I don’t usually do that. My Mid-east has been having a Holy War on and off for centuries.
Del: Wow! It sounds like overseeing a world is incredibly busy.
El: Busy? You don’t know what busy is until you try answering prayers during a World War!
Al: Don’t worry Del, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. By the way, let me introduce my wife Eva. I thought since Cal brought his friend I could bring my wife, and she could add to the discussion.
Del: Wow! (pause) you are beautiful! Or should I say, glorious?
Eva: Thank you, Del. Aren’t you the charmer?
Cal: Tell Del a little bit about your world Al.
Al: I’ll defer to Eva, she was just there yesterday.
Eva: Thank you dear. Del, many are confused about the purpose of mortality. I should say “purposes,” for mortality is a different experience for every mortal who passes through it. Each mortal life is unique. Some have physical gifts and trials, some mental blessings and trials. Some deal with power and pride, others with pain and pity. Some are rich and popular, others poor and rejected. Most experience both victory and defeat, courage and fear. Each mortal Child goes through unique experiences and gains unique knowledge. Similar experiences can lead to either delight or despair in mortality. But they each fulfill a unique purpose. Even my dear Al is still learning from His unique Immortality.
El: In my world my children experience real temptation, with real demons. They learn obedience and real faith. It’s hard to understand mortality without demons.
Eva: Still dealing with demons, El? It’s been six thousand years. Haven’t you started your Millennium yet? You know, when the demons are bound.
El: We had to move the Millennium back just a bit. A couple of decades at most. But it will begin any hour now.
Eva: You see Del, demons are bound throughout many Seventh Day Millenniums, yet spirits are still born, and they still gain experience. El, don’t forget Del had a very short mortality, without accountability and temptation by demons. Yet in that brief time he may have experienced things the rest of Us haven’t. There are many paths that have led each of Us to the place we are now. Female spirits were told they were supposed to bear children before they came to earth, but it didn’t always happen. Males, and even many females have not experienced bearing children, yet they are here in the Celestial glory. Very few among us have filled the Messiah role like El, yet each experience and spirit are uniquely divine.
Cal: I thought El and Al should tell Del more about the Plan of Salvation and being a Heavenly Father. Dispensations, apostacies, the real nuts and bolts part of the operation. That’s what I most enjoy learning about myself.
AL: In our world spirit children have been spared the spiritual temptation of demons, just as you were in your short life. A majority have been born in homes where the Gospel is taught. Yet mortality is always a challenge. We try to help our spirit children through their experience, taking into account both their innocence and potential. We make it possible to make mistakes, but to move past them. To receive hurt, yet to forgive. We learn to strive is human, to fail is human. Verily, to err is human, but to forgive is divine. Some may learn to love and be loved in mortality, but some have already learned true love- Agape. That’s why they skip accountability. The thing every God and Goddess has in common is agape. In every other way a spirit and a God is uniquely oneself.
Eva: How poetic, dear.
El: Yeah that makes sense Al. I realize it will be different for my children after my Satan is bound. They won’t be tempted by demons, but they can still learn from challenges and they can still learn to love. You know, I’m feeling different about this Seventh Day Millennium. It feels like the time is right to move into our Second Coming/Seventh Millennium phase. Sorry to run, but I better go tell my Messiah it’s time to return to earth. He doesn’t know yet.
Eva: Good luck, El.
Al: Hope to see you tomorrow.

Our friends meet at the conclusion of Al’s and El’s seven-day assignments.
El: Whew! Well I wrapped up my Divine assignment. Two billion spirit children processed and accounted for, give or take a couple of dozen. That last day was hard work, but we got everything done. The paperwork is even done. I delegated it to a committee of Gods and angels.
Cal: “Gods and Angels?” Sounds like a good title for a book or movie. How did your project turn out Al?
Al: Great. I don’t want to go into numbers, that’s not why we’re here, but I was pleased with how each of my children completed their assignments. My wives deserve a lot of the glory too. They are true Goddesses. As for my Messiah, I can’t thank Him enough. He made everything happen.
El: Don’t get carried away, Al. Didn’t He just do what He saw you do? Oh wait, you weren’t a Messiah in mortality. You got here through another Messiah’s efforts.
Al: Right, El. I didn’t get here on my own. Neither did Cal. Verily, verily, no one does. It’s still a big relief to wrap up a Seven-Day Plan. I think I’m going to miss all the work. It’s like being a mortal parent and raising one’s kids, and then seeing them go out into the world. It’s a huge challenge but the rewards are out of this world. Of course, then there’s the paperwork. Paperwork is such a pain I delegated it to my wives and they had it finished right after the last ordinance. They might have used a few angels. All I can say is those two didn’t miss a beat. I don’t know where I’d be without them.
El: In the Terrestrial Kingdom. (They all laugh.)
Cal: By the way, my Call came. I’m assigned to create a new planet in the Andromeda Galaxy in a week.
El: Wonderful. Congratulations. You will be great. It will be the best seven days of your eternity.
Al: And Andromeda is not too far away. (winks) We can drop by for a visit if you don’t mind.
Cal: Oh sure. You two have been so helpful. I always feel much better after talking to you. You have helped me find the faith to take this assignment. Still, I haven’t felt this nervous since my wedding.
Al: Mortal wedding or proxy wedding? (They all laugh.)
El: Don’t worry, that’s natural, Cal. It’s a big step. But you have a Celestial family to back you up. Al and I will do anything we can. It will be hard with only one wife. Too bad you couldn’t get a few more before you start.
Al: It will be Ok Cal. You have the experiences of an Eternity of Gods to draw on. And you will have a Messiah. That’s the key to everything.
Cal: Yeah, I’ve got the Handbook, and the updates, including the latest policy changes. We will have a council to pick our Messiah. I even learned that worldwide floods are not required. Boy am I glad. That would have slowed down the whole process.
(silent pause.)
Al: (whispers to Cal) Ix-nay on the Ud-flay. Don’t bring up The Flood. El is still a little sensitive about that.
Al: (out loud) Well Cal, you sound ready, have fun storming the castle. (wink)
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