O.T. Prophets who messed up.

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Re: O.T. Prophets who messed up.

Post by alas » Wed Mar 08, 2023 1:44 pm

Cnsl1 wrote:
Mon Mar 06, 2023 8:54 am
Clearly, Ammon was juiced. Call me a purist, but I don't think those juiced BofM guys should be in.
I don’t know. If Brigham’s view of the CK is correct and a guy has to keep a million or so wives pregnant, the guys will all have to be juiced.

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Re: O.T. Prophets who messed up.

Post by Cnsl1 » Wed Mar 08, 2023 11:08 pm

What's so damn ironic is that steroids shrink your testicles and make you sterile. So even if God wanted Nephi to pass on all those fine qualities to a multitude of women, he couldn't.

Now, the Lion of the Lord, Mr Brigham Young and Brigham Often surely had no problem procreating, and thanks to the invention of the Winchester bolt action rifle with a compass on the side and this thing which tells time, was in the order of modern prophets who didn't have to part seas or destroy thousands of savages swinging a sword, but could get others to do their shit for them while dressed like savages, which led of course to the really modern prophets (and can we really call these dudes "modern" prophets? Guys 90 plus years old who think the Eagles are a wild rock and roll band.. Well I guess if we can call that book with the acts of the apostles the "New" Testament, we can give geezers like Rusty the modern nod). And the really modern prophets don't even own swords and have probably never even eaten manna or chopped off anyone's arm, let alone their entire head. They're kinda lame duck prophets if you think about it. Go around in slick suits building temples that no one needs and getting people to pay money that they surely don't need. Maybe this is the era of the salesman prophet. Gotta look good. Gotta sell that product. Don't do anything really cool and prophety. For all his faults, at least Joseph Smith did some crazy ass things and pretended to revelate. You don't see these modern modern guys getting their teeth busted or trying to translate using only a radish and a Ford F250 or something cool like that.

Step up to the plate, Rusty. At least take a wild cut.

And just like that I've derailed a thread that was supposed to be about OLD Testament prophets. It's way too easy to see where modern prophets messed up.

I apologize.

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