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Post by Korihor » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:27 am

I find the events unfolding in the gulf coast fascinating. Hurricane Havey is a tragic natural disaster, but its like watching a train wreck unfold - I can't look away.

That being said, the news media is beyond annoying. Anything to fill air time. On scene reporters desperate to be the first to report something, anything. Some report was standing in shin deep water with some BS story. A local person walked by in the back ground and the reporter ran to him "Sir, are you OK, how are you handling this? Do you need help with anything?"

What the hell is the reporter going to help with. He was desperate to get a live person on the air to boost his story.

I saw another article of a reporter inside a shelter trying to interview an evacuee. The woman got pissed at the reporter for trying to record her in her time of peril and instability, all for the sake of ratings.

A similar thing happened in the recent Berkely protest. Two guys got in skirmish, while a hoard of reporters we just as violent trying to get their camera and microphone to be the closest.

At the Phoenix Trump Rally, The reporters were swarming as bad as the protesters and supporters.

I'm tired of the obsession with ratings instead of decency.
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