And now for something fun!

Chat about a topic supported by books, TED Talks, podcasts, personal experience, philosophies of mankind mingled with humor (shout out to IOT), and maybe we’ll even do a google hangout or conference call once a month.
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And now for something fun!

Post by Apologeticsislying » Sat Sep 12, 2020 7:00 pm

Come see me do my first cooked meal on the pop can stove and stand I made... it turned out exceptionally well and I was thrilled how the stove performed!
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Re: And now for something fun!

Post by MoPag » Sun Sep 20, 2020 12:45 pm

Looks yummy!!!!
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Re: And now for something fun!

Post by slk » Tue Sep 22, 2020 1:47 pm

Geez, I would have taken that stove over my jetboil that broke in the high country of CO last weekend. Luckily we had a backup. Gotta love those deer steaks!

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Re: And now for something fun!

Post by moksha » Tue Sep 22, 2020 8:15 pm

First time I saw someone using a bottle of ghee. Did you get that at an Indian market?

Nice video. Made me hungry.


In this video, Kerry throws the proverbial shrimp on the barbie: ... A&index=11
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