Deacon Blues Law of persuasion #1.

Chat about a topic supported by books, TED Talks, podcasts, personal experience, philosophies of mankind mingled with humor (shout out to IOT), and maybe we’ll even do a google hangout or conference call once a month.
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deacon blues
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Deacon Blues Law of persuasion #1.

Post by deacon blues » Sat Oct 29, 2022 11:27 am

#1 When a disputed idea/fact/meme/world view is being discussed/debated/argued each proponent will ALWAYS EXAGGERATE the evidence/anecdotes/statistics that support their claim. I believe this rule is not 50%, not 75%, but 99% true. ;)
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Re: Deacon Blues Law of persuasion #1.

Post by Angel » Tue Nov 01, 2022 6:56 pm

Ben Franklin - politician, scientist, influencer - used a few communication tricks, of which one was to never be firmly fixed on any position. Stay vague, stay open - it seems to me that... correct me if I am wrong but what I have observed so far is ... use careful, thoughtful, non-dogmatic, open to change (and do actually change - we are all wrong from time to time).

I'm a teacher, and use this approach in class, allow students to correct me, we work together on solutions, no lectures, no preaching - just a bunch of imperfect humans getting through the material together.
“You have learned something...That always feels at first as if you have lost something.” George Bernard Shaw
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