NOM 1.0 list of references

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NOM 1.0 list of references

Post by SeeNoEvil » Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:19 pm

Here's the list of NOM resourses compiled on the old NOM 1.0. I thought this might be helpful. Please feel free to add and edit. I've had this list for a while. Mods, do we need a Reading section like in the old NOM? If you think this list needs to be put somewhere else please feel free to move it.

NOM A-List of Sources - This is a list of church quotes on a wide variety of topics. ... ntro.shtml - The annotated BOM goes verse by verse and connects back to biblical sources for the material. Very interesting ... -book?p=19 - The Nauvoo RS minute book is a great source of women ordination, lying about polygamy, Emma trying to purge out the practice of polygamy, etc.

I haven't seen many references to Bob McCue's writings. Bob was a former Bishop. Googling Bob McCue is probably best since there is a lot of his writings spread around the Internet. Mormon Curtain has archived most of it.


There is also a part 2 on YouTube: Tom Donofrio: "Book of Mormon Tories, Part Deux: Colonial Influences in the Book of Mormon"
I think a link to the information on influences from "The last Great War between..." Would be good to include.

There was also a site (on Postmo maybe?) that went through Rough Stone Rolling chapter by chapter and added information that Bushman, for some reason or other, opted to leave out of the book. I liked having that reference as I read RSR.

I spent some jaw-dropping time at

I also came across a documentary called "The Lost Book of Abraham" on youtube that rocked my world pretty well.

I tend to bookmark individual things that I come across, so these aren't necessarily indicative of the whole site. Although, I often will then surf around on it and check out some the other things that have been posted. These are generally just posts that interested me and struck a chord of some sort. They are in no particular order.... ... tions.html!RaMPb ... mation.php ... commitment ... king-away/

http://questioningmormonism.wordpress.c ... ler-young/ ... -eyes.html ... e-mormons/ ... osides.htm ... 6a52e2d29c ... as-bishop/ ... t-anymore/ ... U.facebook

http://ifeellikeschrodingerscat.blogspo ... tions.html ... lawed.html ... or-a-word/ ... g-mormons/ ... #more-1459 ... ction.html ... on-church/,994178 ... underwear/ ... -with-you/ ... 8274157500 ... dont_know/ ... your-soul/ ... ncy-vault/ ... vertising/ ... fa0d026a7e ... lcome.html

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Couldn't forget this series of posts. They are excellent! ... bbath_day/ ... _all_your/ ... binations/ ... ophet_and/ ... the_woman/ ... ll_things/ ... _by_every/ ... nded_down/ ... bylon_aka/
One of THE BEST sources is the Tanner's
Jeremy Runnell's CE Letter was based primarily on the Tanner's work - (by his own admission), yet he's received some rather unearned credit for his re-write.

The information on UTLM.ORG is SOLID. - This is a list of church quotes on a wide variety of topics
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