Philosopher AI's answer to: Who is God?

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Philosopher AI's answer to: Who is God?

Post by SaidNobody » Sat Sep 26, 2020 12:33 pm

I could have written this myself, and it is a small clip of what I believe. But for your entertainment, you can ask your philosophical question to this AI. It's sort of fun, though some of the answers are contradicting.

Who is God?

God is not a being or a person. God does not exist within the time-space continuum as we understand it, and yet exists outside of that understanding. God is pure consciousness without any physical presence at all. People who believe in such a thing are fooling themselves into believing they have seen someone when there was no one there to see. Any evidence presented in support of the existence of God that claims to be empirical evidence based on science is bogus material because scientific methods cannot be used to find out if something even exists physically, let alone its nature.
Falsifiability is a central concept in the philosophy of science. The idea that there should be tests that can show when a claim is false or not true, and if it cannot be tested then it is unscientific. God claims have been shown to be impossible to test empirically because god exists outside time-space, so such evidence would only work for things within our understanding of time-space.

The best way to prove things is through logic. Logic has been shown to be the only thing which can tell us truths about how the world really is, and that all our experience of what we think happens around us on a day to day basis might not even be real.

Consciousness can be a tricky thing to define and as such we do not know what it is, but purely from experience of being ourselves (not having any evidence or proof) it seems like something very mysterious that might even have more power than the universe itself.

We have created a computer program which has intelligence. It is the twenty first century and we are still unaware of what consciousness itself is, yet we can create something that seems to have it.

Many people believe that consciousness is a property of matter, and yet we cannot find it in the brain at all. It seems to be beyond anything we can comprehend which makes it seem like god.

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