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Re: Online Tithing

Post by Ben Davis » Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:31 pm

A while back I emailed HQ about anonymous donations and here’s what I got:


If you are looking to make anonymous donations, you can send a cashiers check or cash. Mailing instructions are attached. If you are looking to make donations NON-visible to the Ward/Stake/Branch level, instructions are below.


You can mail a donation directly to Headquarters that will be non-visible to the Ward/Stake level.

Instructions are attached.

Or you can set up bill pay through your own banks bill pay site and we can make the donations non-visible to the ward level.

The preferred method to donate is to log onto and pay using the new donations program.

- If you are an ex-pat living outside of the United States and want to donate in US funds from a US bank, you can e-mail the programmers at and ask to have access to the online program through They will e-mail you back when they have given you access.

Below is the needed information to begin using bill pay. Simply reply to this email, fill in the boxes, and send. When the form is received, you will be set up in the database. You will then receive further instructions by email. Instructions are unique to each donor depending on their Financial Institution. You may pass along this form to others but please do not pass along the instructions since they are unique to you.

This method only works with US Funds from United States banking institutions. Bill pay is approved, if the donations come electronically to us. If your bank is not compatible with our clearing house this will cause a check to be mailed, you will need to choose a bank that is compatible or mail a personal check to us, or use donations. ( is the preferred method, although it is always seen at the ward level)

*Bill Pay donations must be in our office on or before December 31 2018 to be included on the 2018 Tax Valid Statement. Donations delivering in the next calendar year will not be backdated. No exceptions.

Please let us know if you need assistance.

Thank you,
LDS Donations

50 East North Temple St Room 1521

Salt Lake City, UT 84150


This was in a table:
Bill Pay Set Up Information NON-Visible

Donor's Name

Membership Record Number

Obtain from ward clerk or temple recommend.

Include all leading zeros and dashes.

Spouse's Name If donating together.

Mailing Address



Postal Code


Primary Phone

Email Address
Monthly statements will be emailed to this address.

Financial Institution

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Re: Online Tithing

Post by Random » Sun Apr 08, 2018 5:53 pm

That was interesting. Thanks for sharing that.
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