Korihor's advice to staying faithful

Discussions about holding onto your faith and beliefs, whether by staying LDS or by exploring and participating in other churches or faiths. The belief in any higher power (including God, Christ, Buddha, or Jedi) is true in this forum. Be kind to others.
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Korihor's advice to staying faithful

Post by Korihor » Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:58 pm

My advice is worth what you are paying for it - $0

That being said, this is how I think someone could stay faithful after experiencing a faith crisis or having a spouse leave the church.

Focus on your own spiritual connection with God. Try to understand the world is not black and white in all things and try your best to accept that. Just focus on what brings you happiness and spiritual fulfillment and don't let someone else's spirituality define your own.
Reading can severely damage your ignorance.

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Re: Korihor's advice to staying faithful

Post by hiding in plain sight » Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:17 pm

This is great "free" advice! 8-)

I am curious as to your phrasing of staying "faithful". I am assuming you are talking about having faith as opposed to being "faithful" to the church.

In that context, I really like this advice.

I found that in my first year of so, I was so angry with what I perceived as deception on part of the church, that I would throw out issues to my wife at random times. I know I really came across as angry and ultimately insulting to my wife. Even though that was never my intention.

Fortunately my wife was willing to speak up and share how she was feeling.

It was then that I followed your advice and began focusing on spirituality that still made sense to me. I shared those stories and experiences with my wife. I even wrote a book about 13 foundational experiences that have helped framed my world view and gave it to my family.

Your advice was has saved my marriage, I think.

Great advice.

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Re: Korihor's advice to staying faithful

Post by Deepthinker » Wed Oct 19, 2016 12:24 pm

Yes, very good advice.

I remember listening to a podcast that used the phrase "spiritual independence." That's what I want. To be able to live my own spiritual journey. That could mean I completely leave spirituality, or just change how I see spirituality in a way that it is no longer the black and white Mormon version.

Apologists often redefine terms in order to explain an "issue". Some of those re definitions really didn't work for me, but it gave me some ideas on how I could redefine spiritual definitions that are my own now.

For instance, the term God has a different meaning throughout the world. I realized I could redefine God as the universe or consciousness, as humanity, as myself, as love, or any other number of things that we find meaningful and/or inspiring in our own life. That has been helpful to me as I've rebuilt my own spirituality around Mormonism.

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Re: Korihor's advice to staying faithful

Post by Meilingkie » Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:07 am

Korihor is exactly right.
The main problem is that as you focus on your own relationship with God and people.
That other people try to pull you back into the fold, back to the iron rod.
And that´s where tension erupts, and sometimes explodes.
In my case it flung me out and away, still bound to the Church, but not like Earth, more like Neptune.
All the way out..............
"Getting the Mormon out of the Church is easier than getting the Mormon out of the Ex-Mormon"

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