Biocentrism: Why I believe

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Biocentrism: Why I believe

Post by SaidNobody » Mon Dec 28, 2020 7:53 am

Here's is a link is a biocentrism article. ... mos-itself

I wanted to share this because of the distributing lack of faith I see happening in the world today.

I'm no quantum physicist. But I'm not afraid to read about the science or confront it's tricky questions. But in this case, the science actually supports my radical case for the need of faith.

Carl Sagan once said that, "we are stardust that has taken control of our destiny." This provides the eternal nature of our existence. We are not young. We are not temporary. We are consciousness going through a process that could take millions of different incarnations.

Biocentrism Is the science of how observing things actually creates them. Quantum physics has suggested similar ideas for a long time. In one case the physicists were trying to explain how we could look through a telescope at distant galaxies, perhaps even billions of light years away, and how they could form into sharp clear images. Scientifically that would be impossible, for the light waves and photons would have dispersed in a way of randomness that as it crossed the universe decay the image.

According to them, those light waves have been somehow hanging there all of this time just waiting for us to observe them. When we begin to observe them, perhaps before we even saw them, they began to form into fairly clear image of their sponsored source.

As the story goes, the Hubble scheduled some slow time and decided to look at a particularly dark spot on the otherwise milky night sky. And it remained focused there for more than a week. In that time images of galaxies far far away began to emerge. I forget how long it actually focused on the dark spots but when they pulled away they had mind blowing images of galaxies not only billions of light years away but billions of years in the past. We could in essence see some of the earliest galaxies of the universe.

But how did these photons end up at the tip of our telescope with such clarity? It defies the laws of physics.

About the part why I believe. Philosophers that have been off the beaten path have long suggested that our belief system will form our heaven or our hell. One of the most enlightening movies I've ever seen was a slapstick comedy called Eric the Viking. As they walk through the halls of Valhalla their Christian priests could not see any of it. Nor could the monsters that attack them seem to see the priest at all. It was a hilarious movie, I thought. As they were drowning in the ocean the Catholic priest convinced them all to be baptized.

But religions and philosophers alike have told us that our belief system will shape our existence. There are things about Mormonism that I find uniquely powerful. I don't believe because it is somehow "The Truth." I believe because I like the people. Actually, I like a lot of people. However, I think they have something for the longterm.

There is a move to push atheism throughout the world. But I think we will learn what our forebears learned. Forgetting about God leads to trouble that leads to his rediscovery. People love to think that religions are meant to control people. The truth is that people will only organize under the authority of the God. They might for a time use a human authority but it quickly becomes bias and fails.

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