New RS video

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New RS video

Post by Angel » Fri May 17, 2019 3:30 pm ... u?lang=eng

Just like you???
  • 9 have family with addictions

how does this compare to the general population? google "percentage of Americans who have family members who struggle with addiction" and it is not 90%)
  • 7 have relatives who are incarcerated
(how does this compare to the general population? 50% vs. 70%)
  • 9 work outside the home
(are women in the church being encouraged to work outside the home now?)

60% have fertility problems (compared to around 10% of the general population)

Are any of them single moms? Are any of them single?

Interesting stats - now let's hear these women actually talk about real issues in GC or in a broadcast or something - wouldn't that be nice to hear them talk about their husband's porn addiction etc. etc.?

Is it a good thing that the "leaders" of the church come from messed up homes? or are their messed homes homes indication that the Mormon background does not produce happy addiction-free functional families?
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Re: New RS video

Post by moksha » Sat May 18, 2019 8:47 am

Did I understand right that this was the Relief Society Board, rather than a group people they assembled for that short video?

Maybe the Relief Society is allowed to choose board members from a more diverse background than the Brethren. Maybe God demands greater discernment from the women.
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