Dan Peterson Mr Nonsense Himself

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Dan Peterson Mr Nonsense Himself

Post by Apologeticsislying » Sat Mar 07, 2020 2:43 pm

Dan Peterson has said homophoba is a nonsense word (largely because he knows his Mormonism is dramatically homophobic, and it rightly disturbs him, but being the loyal and faithful paid apologist/scholar, he thinks he must defend every and all actions the old white boys in charge come out with). So, here is one ironic way to look at it, with his sidekick Lou Midgley, and the United States President Donald Trump. (Stupid is as stupid says)
The same energy that emerges from the fountain of eternity into time, is the Holy Grail at the center of the universe of the inexhaustible vitality in each of our hearts. The Holy Grail, like the Kingdom of God, is within. -Joseph Campbell-

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